Before you Knock ask yourself!!!

Ok, Twice in one week I have been shown that announcing a visit to a person’s home is no longer needed. I have a few thoughts on this:
1. Do you actually want to see me or a member in this household? If so, you should call ahead because contrary to popular belief we have lives and may not be at home.
2. My comfort zone includes but is not limited to: no bra accompanied by sweat pants and an old tee-shirt. This is not a pretty sight and it has been known to frighten small children especially when accompanied by unbrushed hair….. call ahead and save your eyesight
3. I clean a lot, several times a day actually, but in my household there are several clean bats (or CB’s for short hehe, nickname has several meanings but that is another rant…) these clean bats run through the house seeking and destroying all clean areas with their intense senses… If a guest comes over I sit the clean bats in timeout while I straighten up, so call ahead so you don’t fall victim to the clean bats (aka two children and two dogs)!Finally there is a very small list of exceptions and it all falls under the title ‘Are you a guest in my home?’ Here is the way to tell if you are a guest:A. Have I ever invited you to a party or function at my house then said,” So yeah, I need you to come over two hours early to help me prepare for the guests.” If so, you are not a guestB. Have I ever said, “hey (insert important person here) is coming over I need you to come over and help me get this house under control?” If so, you are not a guest.So to summarize And say the most important one… Drum roll please… Am I so comfortable with you that you have
1. seen me without make up (willingly?)
2. seen me slumped on the couch eating ummmm everything in sight because I am upset?
If so, you are not a guest..

I never fear judgement from those who are closet to me all others call ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS: WE might be doing the Harlem Shake and cannot answer the door!

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