High school memories of an uncoordinated girl

So, school holds many fond memories and people, that I hold dear to my heart. I look fondly back on those times and find that the parts I laugh the most about were the times I was the most mortified. I was the youngest of three girls in a small town and everyone knew my family. Most people called me the youngest instead of my name the majority of the time, until my fiascos topped my sisters. I must point out that this was in no way intentional but it makes for awesome memories.


The first day of school after I made the cheerleading squad:

I was so proud and very excited to go to school wearing my official uniform. Seventh grade was going to be great since I made the squad and was finally going to be cool. We unload off the busses and begin our group walk to the interior of the school. At least half the school was there and all headed to the gym before we were dismissed to our respective classes. I was walking with my head held high, in my green cheer mini-skirt. I wasn’t looking where I was going. I was looking to see who was looking at me. I was smiling and waving at all the people. Man, I truly felt on top if the world. That’s when it happened. I felt a sting on my head and blacked out. I woke up to three teachers surrounding me and half the student body looking and whispering. Yup, I had knocked my self out cold by walking straight into a basket ball pole. Needless to say, my ego shot way down and I was sent home for the day. I never lived it down, but hey it was seriously funny. Can you imagine seeing someone do that? Walking looking at you smiling and laughing so very proudly as they walk head on into a steel pole. I wonder what I looked like falling down? Did I go straight back or just buckle under my weight? These are the questions I have now.

I landed the lead in the school play:

By Ninth grade I finally lived down the whole basket ball pole incident and started a new adventure in drama club. I was so excited because we were doing a production of the original grim bother’s Cinderella, where the step sisters are beheaded and Cinderella marries the butcher.  Oh, it was an exciting time. We practiced for weeks and I felt very confident about my performance and even began bragging to my friends about how awesome I was. The big day arrived and I was ready!

The whole school was forced to attend the day showing of our play and I was excited to show off to everyone. The play started off well everyone saying their lines perfectly. Then, my monologue came. I had a long monologue where I was the only  person on stage portraying Cinderella locked in a cellar. I was giving my heartfelt plea perfectly then I stepped toward the audience not looking down, like a good performer does and splat! Yup, I went face first off the stage and hit the ground hard. I looked up not sure of whether to move or lie there shocked by my own clumsiness. Several teachers rushed to my side and the other actors came out from behind the curtain to look at me too. It was seventh grade all over again, No! I refused. I stood up and got back on stage and finished that performance and it was fantastic. Every student who wasn’t paying attention was watching now! I really made myself known! I look back and remember my gloating and arrogance and just laugh because I became humble really fast!

I look at these memories and remember being mortified, embarrassed to the point that I did not want to go to school. The reality is that I made true friends in the wake of my clumsiness and I no longer was lost in the background. I accepted who I was at an early age and found humor in almost any situation. This led me down a completely different path of life one that I would never change!

My motto became:

If you can’t laugh at your self then life isn’t worth living!


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6 responses to “High school memories of an uncoordinated girl”

  1. nicolenucciocalvert says :

    We have all had moments like these… maybe not quite that bad! LOL Like the time when I was in the 6th grade and new to “certain things” in life. I remember slinging my purse onto my desk. My desk was obviously in the front row and obviously I had failed to zip my purse. And, it would only figure that the bell had already rung and the entire class was already in the room and getting quite. And there, all over the front of the classroom floor, were my tampons that I now had to get up in front of the entire class and pick up! But, hey, that was only one class, not a filled auditorium!

    And, in my learning to find humor in these situations I had created another awkward situation for myself. It was first day, freshman year of college, and our dorm floor had gathered for a “get to know you” session. We were to tell about our most embarrassing moment. So, I began to tell the story of how, in the eighth grade, I tried to retrieve a dropped pencil. The pencil was on the side of the desk that was closed and was just out of my reach. Not only did my entire desk go over with my legs kicking about, but my desk also got tangled into the desk next to me so I could not get up. I was stranded with the entire class watching until the teacher came to pick me up. Now, as a freshman in college telling this story, it was the first time I found humor in it. So, naturally it made me laugh. And, it made me laugh , and laugh, and laugh…. and laugh… until the awkward moment when I became aware of myself and realized noone found it as funny as I did (hey, they just didn’t have the visual!!). I realized the level of laughter I had was inappropriate and I was ironically again in an uncomfortable situation.

    So, yes, I feel your pain. And the best thing is, as more people admit to these moments in our life we realize everyone has them and we are all just a little closer. Love it! Thank you for sharing!!

    • jenmarsh79 says :

      I love your comment Nicole! I think is it important to laugh at ourselves and realize we all have moments that we cringe only later to realize how truly comical our lives can be. Thank you for sharing, I am happy to hear another account of school for an uncoordinated girl! 🙂

  2. Vanessa says :

    I do remember you being injured frequently 🙂 despite the clumsy-ness you always seemed cool to me! I think we all do embarrassing things as kids.

    • jenmarsh79 says :

      Do you remember when we were little and I went to the YMCA with you and your Dad? I ran into one of the basketball players (in the next gym) full force during our chase game and broke my wrist.. lol I look back on those times and laugh so hard, truly I have enjoyed my life clumsiness and all.

  3. suzanne kimberlin says :

    Clumsy is a form of awesomeness in my book!

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