Daily Prompt: Pat on the back for my awesome boy and his animals!

My boy is five and things sharing is some sort of disease a person gets when they are older. He still suffers from the toddler creed of, “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine too.” This is something we have been working on since kindergarden is eminent and I am afraid of the phone calls I will receive in regards to his behavior. So panic stricken and mommy guilt motivated I sought to end the “mine” saga that has plagued our home for too long.  

I decided to motivate by example and collected toys that were ‘mine’ and began to play with them and offered to share in hopes that he would learn by example but this seemed to have no effect on him. I went to great lengths to explain, show and even beg him to understand that sharing was a good thing all to no avail.

All my work and teaching finally came back to me at breakfast one morning: Let me set the scene; my family sitting at the table sunday morning enjoying pancakes and starting our day as usual. My son drops his fork and I get up to him another I return to find my son removed from his chair and smiling very proudly. I step closer and see the cat in my son’s chair drinking his milk from his cup. I start to say something and push the cat down but then he beams: “I am sharing my breakfast with the cat!” 

I am stunned thinking; He finally learned to share and it isn’t with humans!  What do I do? 


I take a deep breath and manage an, “oooh, that is nice sweetie. Good Job sharing but remember though the one thing we don’t share is drinks so we don’t get other people’s germs, right?” I am so hesitant at this point to undo the progress but the germs I had to say something about the germs!

My smarty pants boy turns and as serious as a five year old can look says, ” the kitty is not a people Mommy!”

Well, he has got me there…

Hey, well at least he learned to share! Good job!


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3 responses to “Daily Prompt: Pat on the back for my awesome boy and his animals!”

  1. writerannjohnsonmurphree says :

    This was a beautiful read, thank you for sharing. AJM

  2. roweboat55 says :

    You have got to be sooooo proud of him and you for recognizing the best in this situation. Kudos!

  3. nicolenucciocalvert says :

    Some days we take what we can get! 😉

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