That is Doctor Mr. Sassy Pants to you!

Life in my household is never dull. We a family of four,  are always on the go with my husband going to work, the kids have school and all the activities that go along with it and I have PTO. My husband thinks it is funny how seriously I take my role in the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). I always respond with, “but we just moved here and if I ever want to actually make friends I have to be involved.” and he always snaps back, “then what was the excuse before we moved?” and I say something along the lines of, “I am an active parent” trying to be witty and failing miserably as I make him do things for the school instead of playing online.

Well, this week was our back to school night extravaganza that resulted in me working constantly and shouting orders as soon as he walks in the door. What is great about my hubby and I, is that instead of getting annoyed or angry we usually say something off the wall crazy to invoke laughter before we fight. A couple of days ago this happened and it is share worthy.

I was trying to cut out letters for a poster and I couldn’t get them straight so when my husband gets home I immediately call for his help and I am already frustrated. He looks at what I am doing and says, “Alright who are you sending the ransom note to and where is the victim.” He was trying to be cute but I was frustrated and out of time and responded in a not amused tone with, “don’t get sassy get cutting.”

He stopped and put both hands on his hips and said, “It’s DR. MR. Sassy pants to you! Not that I am a doctor or that my pants have sassed anyone recently but still!” His face remained serious and his eyes focused on me. I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. We sat there together less grumpy and finished the work I needed to get done and went on our way.

This could be the end to a very heartwarming story on how my husband avoided a snappy fight but in our household things are never over because we have the children who mock everything they see.

So, today I was cleaning house and told my son to get dressed because we are having a guest this afternoon and he looks at me and says “no, they won’t care if I am in my underwear, Mommy! Its skylanders!” I responded in my Mommy tone “don’t get sassy get dressed!”

I should have known what was coming but I was surprised none-the -less. He stood up straight placed his hands on his hips and said, “I’m not a doctor and I won’t wear sassy pants!”

I knew he was trying to mimic my husband and could not stifle my laughter. I told him he still had to get dressed between my laughs and snorts and got the stomp off coupled with, “meanie!” But hey he made my day!



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One response to “That is Doctor Mr. Sassy Pants to you!”

  1. roweboat55 says :

    You gotta love him !

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