Super Sweet Blogging Award!


Sunday is a pretty busy day for me. My entire family is home and since this is the last weekend before school starts and the 127-yard sale (690 miles of yard sales that goes straight through our town), it was crazy! So as I was cleaning, preparing for school and catering to the last bit of summer wish lists (in between yard sales) my phone dinged! That you have an email ding! That Ding, since I started blogging, evokes excitement and joy, I immediately look and there was a comment to approve. Not just any comment; a jump for joy smile till it hurts sweet comment! nominated me for a for The Super Sweet Blogging Award! Yea! Well of course that made my day! I can’t quit smiling and I think my face might be frozen this way now.

I am new to the blogging world and have found a new obsession. I get a great deal of satisfaction from my corner of the net. I get to speak my mind and tell stories I find funny and get an ego boost every time someone likes my posts. So to be nominated really made my day and I greatly appreciate the really sweet blogger who took the time to choose me. Thank you!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the super sweet blogger who kindly nominated you for the award.

2. Nominate a dozen other bloggers who you think deserve the award.

3. Comment to them to let them know you nominated them (Make their day too).

4. Answer five super sweet questions.

Here are the five questions:

  1. Cookie or cake?

Cookie! Wait!!! No!! Cake! Wait!! Cookie…. yeah

  1. Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate! DUH!

  1. What is your favorite sweet treat?

ummm this is hard because I like all sweets except coconut….ummmmmm ok!!! ICECREAM!!!!!!

  1. When do you crave sweet things the most?

At night usually….

  1. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

The Chocolate Spazoid

Here are some of my favorite bloggers check them out!


An awesome Blog about life and random stuff by a girl who has an awesome perspective!


A funny blog always good for a laugh


A blog with exquisite taste.


Always good for a bit of news


This blog brings me beauty


Because everyone needs some comics


She is funny and cool and when I read her blog it makes me smile.


A good read with good satire! A good combination.


Laugh out loud funny!


A blog for good ideas!


because every needs manners


Because everyone needs adventure too!



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4 responses to “Super Sweet Blogging Award!”

  1. princessfairyzooboo says :

    Loved the picture at the end..PERFECT!

  2. roweboat55 says :

    Congrads ! You deserve it .

  3. idiotprufs says :

    Congrats, and thanks for the kind words. And I agree, coconut is awful.

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