An early morning continuation of ‘We don’t eat the kitty’


Today we had another saga in the kitty/ dogs /kids scenario that is my life.

This Monday morning we are trying to set our school schedule. What that means is we forced ourselves to get out of bed at 6am despite not having anywhere to go. The kids are extremely annoyed by this and don’t understand the purpose. Well if we want to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for school we must get used to this ungodly hour.

What we want to look like:


What we actually look like:

crazy cats

So this morning between the whining, stumbling and general unhappiness, I found my self having my every day conversation with Butters our puppy, “We don’t eat the kitty!” She yawns and whines and continues to try to eat the kitty. Same old same old right (with exception of the girl trying to drown the kitty and the boy trying to eat the kitty too, please see original blog here

I stumble into the kitchen, still talking to the dog and begin trying to make coffee and see about breakfast, while the kids settle reluctantly onto the couch. The kitty keeps jumping on the counter knocking the coffee filter out of my hand  repeatly because he wants food, NOT COFFEE! I stand there in daze pushing the kitty down and continue to try to make coffee and I think was being rather patient with the kitty. Then, the anti-coffee monster realizes that the caffeine intake has been delayed and the pressure and grumpiness snap into existence and it happens! The kitty jumps up  again and I grab him! I turn to the puppy and place the kitty in front of her and say, “Here eat the Kitty!”

Oh, This one simple act of sarcasm and jest, fueled by lack of coffee, started a whirlwind!  The puppy began to groan and yawn with happiness but the kids who over heard my battle for coffee were horrified. All of a sudden, both the girl and the boy were wide-awake and in the kitchen freaking out on me like I actually fed the kitty to the dog. My husband who was trying to dress for work descends to the kitchen as well to see the commotion (which had reached epic proportion because the dog and cat were playing very aggressively and the kids were trying to break it up by yelling). I proceeded to make the coffee despite the chaos around me.


After the coffee began to brew the hideous caffeine deprived monster that lives inside me subsided in anticipation and I took the kitty outside (away from the dogs) and fed him breakfast.

I just feel like he has an under appreciation for the precarious situation he was in by denying me my coffee…

AH! School mornings are going to be interesting. I mean we struggled like a crazy mad house and even made my husband late for work today and we didn’t even attempt to get dressed.

But hey at least it will give awesome blog material!


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2 responses to “An early morning continuation of ‘We don’t eat the kitty’”

  1. roweboat55 says :

    Now this is one that I can identify with. Laughing continuously out loud !

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