Daily Prompt: If only I could sing

I once dreamed of being an eighties Pop Star! Decked out in glitter leg warmers, rainbow bangs and blue eyeshadow! 



I gathered my friends on my front porch and belted out ‘Heaven is a place on earth’ by Belinda Carlie, as loud as we possibly could! We recorded ourselves with my cassette player that I got for christmas. We were so excited to hear our awesomeness immortalized, but alas it was not to be because we discovered none of us could actually sing. Tone deaf and off key we scratched the song in a manner akin to nails on a chalkboard. 



Our dreams crushed and despair set in. We all settled on our back up plans of: computer programmer, engineer and sociologist. It is a sad, I know…

We should all take a moment of silence for the lost eighties pop group: The pink party girls!




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7 responses to “Daily Prompt: If only I could sing”

  1. TIA says :

    I loved that song. I think we may have added a little choreography to that as kids. But truthfully, I really wanted to be a back up dancer for Whitney Houston or Tiffany!!:)

  2. alienorajt says :

    That’s really sweet and funny! Alienora

  3. roweboat55 says :

    If we only had a video of that fateful day ……… Your daughter would laugh, too.

  4. nicolenucciocalvert says :

    We were “The Blue Unicorns” haha

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