Sometimes being lazy is so much work!


Sometimes, being lazy is so much work! I mean, I try to be lazy. I really try to be lazy and I end up working. Let me describe a recent scenario:

I rearranged my entire house and it was a lot of work. It all started because I was being lazy! See, the boy asked me to read something on the TV and I couldn’t see it from the couch. I was upset because I had to get up and stop being lazy. I then, proceeded to rearrange the entire room so I would be able to stay on the couch. Seems a bit anti-lazy but my ridiculous brain said,” yes, do this and you can stay on the couch.” I should have known my brain was lying but of course that was not the case. While, I was rearranging the living room the anti-lazy attack was set in motion and my brain was the mastermind.  I started remembering the time I tried to watch ‘Die hard’ in the bedroom and not being able to read the subtitles. I stopped watching the movie and ended up doing dishes out of frustration. I mean, I was laying in bed, comfy and lazy then stopped. So, I rearranged my bedroom.

Ok brain, I see what you did there. Yup! I totally got bamboozled into not being lazy because as soon as I finished the bedroom  I no longer felt the desire to be lazy. I was motivated at this point and continued in the other rooms just to clean under things because I had done it for the rest of the house. The other rooms felt left out. I couldn’t risk mutiny. I worked all day.

My husband got home from work and I told him the story about how my laziness led to so much work and he responded simply, “you should think about getting glasses and then you wouldn’t have this problem”

Men are way to logical! Maybe, I should consider his idea and stop the next brain attack on my laziness.


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2 responses to “Sometimes being lazy is so much work!”

  1. roweboat55 says :

    It’s not your fault ! The “Brain Attack” is caused by a evil alien brain.
    An evil alien brain transforms an innocent creature into the deadly Scarox ! Watch the video at!

  2. nicolenucciocalvert says :

    See, I was thinking you should get glasses too… so next time shoot him a text about your plan. He would have said glasses and you could have stayed on the couch the rest of the afternoon! This reminds me of the “natural look” that we all know takes longer to achieve than the “made up look”. HAHA

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