“You should never lock people in a fire”


Sunday mornings at my house are filled with a big breakfast, the four of us gathered at the table and interesting conversations. Today was no exception. Last night we went to the drive and watched ‘Planes’ and ‘Smurf’s 2’, we had a grand time. We were discussing our favorite parts of the movie and random thoughts on life.  The girl, being the angel she usually is, began to talk about the moral of the movie ‘Planes’; cheaters never prosper and you can do anything if you try. She did this by stating, “you should never try to win something by cheating, as soon as I saw that I knew that Dusty would win.”  A wonderful conversation started that made me feel like I was a good parent.  It was like an afterschool special. I was very pleased and started say things in my head like, “huh, I guess I am not screwing this Mom thing up too bad.” I should have known better because every time I think something about being normal is when the universe decides to do something random to keep me grounded in the weird. This time was no different.  I praised the girl for her astuteness and set back in my chair proud of her and myself.

Then the boy chimed in, he said beaming with pride, “yeah and we should never lock people inside with a fire!”

First of all, for those who haven’t seen either movie, there is no fire or anything remotely close what my son was describing. It was completely random and stunned everyone at the table. The girl was the first to respond with the obvious question, “why would anyone do that?” The boy says simply, “ they shouldn’t do it, that’s what I am saying.” The girl was confused to silence.

My husband immediately says, “that is correct, we should never lock people in a fire.” He smiled and looked over at me waiting to see what I will say. All eyes focused on me for what seemed like forever but was probably less than a second.  I was stifling my laughter and processing all my crazy thoughts for his statement. I managed to verbalize the proper response, “that is right Hun, we never lock people in a fire and we call the fire department if we see a fire. Good job”

He seemed satisfied because he received the praise he was looking for and we continued breakfast.

My husband and I who are hopeless, sarcastic, and crazy; couldn’t help but make coded jokes through the rest of breakfast though. My husband started it of course with his “ look at Dexter using a butter knife to cut his pancake, its so cute” 

I think a new catch phrase has been found and now we shall randomly say to each other as seriously as possible, “ always remember never to lock people in a fire.”

It is awesome!

 I sit here now wondering what my son’s brain looks like to come up with the random things that send my husband and I off into laughter and confusion, because this happens often. I know he was trying to say something profound and get praise the same as his sister and he did but a peek inside his brain would probably result in something akin to Disney’s fantasia but instead of cute mice, water and brooms it would be ninjas, fire and swords. Humm, Should I be worried? Nah, my husband’s brain is similar and he turned out fine… kinda.  I feel lucky that my husband and I both find random crazy comments funny.

Hey, they made my day! 


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9 responses to ““You should never lock people in a fire””

  1. roweboat55 says :

    Awe, basking in the warmth of the son and daughter.

  2. nicolenucciocalvert says :

    Then you spend the rest of your afternoon quietly trying to figure out what in the world prompted that statement to begin with… ah… parenthood! Love it!

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