Daily Prompt: Useful Political Correctness


A horse of many colors; a person of many faces! We are all multi-faceted beings who cannot be labeled completely. Useful Political Correctness is an oxymoron!


I do not think political correctness is useful I think it promotes the problem. We label each other to categorize, order our reality and in turn miss most everything. Labels that are Politically correct are still labels, just accepted ones.

Lets look at the labels that fall under the political correct guidelines:

African American: why do we need this? Why can’t we say American or man/woman? How about human? Mother/father son/daughter? With this label the person who is described is lost and they become a race.

White: what? Why did I just turn into a color instead of a person? I don’t want to be white I want to be blue or green if I am going to be a color.

I am going to a little off the deep end here (because that is what is great about me) stick with me…

Mom: this label is not considered bad and I enjoy my title of Mom but it also takes away part of me. If I am known by my peers as ____’s mom and not as Jennifer, then a lot of me is lost. I am a Mom, sister, wife, daughter, friend, writer, comedian, woman and the list goes on and on.

The point is labels constrain perception and limit everything. Yes, I think being PC is unnecessary and people should just stop labeling in general.

I also think that you can’t judge anyone by a label because it is just one facet to a long list of things that make a person whole. Each label that starts out as politically correct turns into slander eventually. History shows us this and yet we continue to label people and judge them based on that label. Ridiculous!


That is my 2cents….

This blog is a response to a Daily Prompt: Is political correctness a useful concept, or does it stifle honest discussion? Photographers, artists, poets: show us USEFUL.


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One response to “Daily Prompt: Useful Political Correctness”

  1. nicolenucciocalvert says :

    I did not read your blog until I wrote mine. Interesting…. but, we organize the world in our mind with labels. I think e just can’t get hung up on them. Here’s my response to the question: http://wp.me/p3xbx9-71

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