Stand up, Stand down! Wow! Do I want to blend in!?!?!


Today’s daily prompt really addresses something I am dealing with right now in my life; and I said in my last post that I was going to try to write about something serious so here it goes.

A crowd of people, parents of the kids my kids go to school with and here I am full of anxiety and insecurities. I know, I need to get to know them so my kids can have play dates outside of school but the thought terrifies me. I am good at having acquaintances and when I have a reason to talk to people but random social situations are not my thing. That is why I joined the PTO here in our new town. I was hoping this would provide me a reason to talk. It has and will continue to help me bridge my insecurities. The reality remains that I will have to trust someone, open myself up for judgment and risk rejection before I make an actual friend.  The thought of doing that makes me want to kick my feet and stomp in revolt. I find myself lonely and depressed a lot but the only person I can blame for this is my self.  When I get into social gatherings or large groups I want to fade in the background so bad I can taste it. I have spilled this anxiety on to my daughter and for that I am eternally sorry. I come off as an outgoing and cheery person; most people have no idea that I am full of anxiety. I have been told that being mistaken as confident is a good way to find confidence but to me it isn’t. Lots of people see me, talk to me and even think they like me but the reality is that no one knows me really and I sometimes think if they did, their opinions would change.

The one thing I do have going for me in this situation is my optimism. I believe that things will change and eventually I will figure this out. Someone will find my crazy antics funny and I will accept the fact that life is full of ups and downs. Hopefully, I will allow both sides of myself to come out of the woodwork and shine together. 


On a random note: This blog reminded me of my blog “You should never Lock people in a fire” . This is a random statement from my five-year-old son. I blogged about the meaning and what an interesting place his mind has to be. If I was to think abstractly about his statement and not take it literally it could apply to this topic. Right now, I am locking people out of my life, keeping them away as you would keep fire away because I am afraid to get burned. Interesting perspective on the random musings of a five year old…


This blog is written in response to today’s daily prompt:

When was the last time you really stood out in a crowd? Are you comfortable in that position, or do you wish you could fade into the woodwork?”


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4 responses to “Stand up, Stand down! Wow! Do I want to blend in!?!?!”

  1. roweboat55 says :

    Here we go ! Look out world, Jenmarsh79 is coming out of the woodwork and I am looking forward to it.

  2. Tamara says :

    Lol. So the two people I have become acquainted with since you moved have yet to facebook friend me. When they ask about doing it I told them, “be aware if you want to preserve your opinion of me and not be offended you don’t want to do that.” I love this one. It show why we have been such great friends for so long. I love you.

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