There is a fine line between morbid and overly sensitive.


I am a city girl who has moved to the country. This is a unique experience for me. Yesterday, I took on the task of mowing four acres and I have a few thoughts on it:

Wow, it’s a lot of work just to mow the lawn! We have a ride on lawn mower, which makes it easier, but you still have to rake and haul all the grass clippings or they turn your lawn brown.  It takes a long time to mow such a large area and it is kind of a mundane task so my beautiful and eccentric mind wondered. Here is what happened:


There was an abundance of bugs; I mean a lot of bugs. They kept dive-bombing the mower and me. It was an all attack. I couldn’t help but be reminded of those kid’s movies: Ants, The Ant Bully, A bugs Life and recently Turbo. I mean it was like they organized and planned strategic attacks to prevent my mowing.  I kept mowing despite their efforts and they lost their battle. Then I started to image what their battle plans would have been, I mean I am a giant mower and they kept just throwing themselves into it. It is metal. They really need to reevaluate. Where is the great plan, the bother the human till they stop plan. I started to get disappointed in their mental capacity. Even though logically I know that they couldn’t have actually planned anything. That disappointment was soon overshadowed by the horrible realization that I was the bad guy. I was the one everyone would have rooted to fail or have some tragic accident. The sad part is they failed. It didn’t stop me from mowing but it did entertain my mind while I was doing it. 

I obviously looked disheartened by this realization because my husband asked why my face looked sad. I responded genuinely, “I just realized that if any of the Disney Bug movies ever happened the bugs would fail and I would be the bad guy who mowed their houses.” 

He laughed so hard and loud it alerted the children. He mustered up a response choking on his laughter and said, “ I don’t know if you are that morbid or just that overly sensitive to compare your mowing to the children’s movies.”

I guess there is a fine line between morbid and overly sensitive and I walk it very carefully.


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9 responses to “There is a fine line between morbid and overly sensitive.”

  1. acuriousgal says :

    Oh so funny!! I love how you think, so cute!!

  2. NeutralGenius says :

    I think like that every time I accidentally step on a bug or am confronted with finding a spider in the house. So, I try to just capture spiders and let them free and try to look where I’m walking so I don’t step on a bug.

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