My son’s opposite behavior: Is it normal for a kindergartener to hate school?

My son’s opposite behavior: Is it normal for a kindergartener to hate school?
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The full moon brings out heightened emotions and dramatic outbursts about being a Disney Villian. The gravitational pull does seem to correlate with the climax of pressure in my household. Coincidence or not, I really don’t know. I know that this moon cycle has got my household in a twist. My son has definitely not been acting himself lately.

I am struggling with my five-year-old boy. He started kindergarten on August 7th and the fist week of school he was so excited! He was looking forward to school and asked about it often before school started, “how many more days?” On the way to school (the first week) he would jump up and down in his seat saying, “Drive faster mommy! We are almost there!” I was very pleased with his excitement because I spent weeks building it with him. We talked about learning to read, write and playing with friends. I highlighted the playground and other aspects such as the independence of being a big boy at school and how he would make friends. I was sure he would have a great year.

Starting the second week of school his attitude changed. He was not excited about school and he didn’t want to go. He got in trouble for disturbing group and had to sit out of recess. One bad day, I thought. It will blow over and things will get better. I assured my son that everyone has a bad day every now and then and he needed to start over and move on to a better day. He was ready to give it his all the next day. More trouble instead, and the next day. He has more strikes than stickers on his homework folder now! He spent two years at school in Oklahoma in Pre-k 3 and pre-k 4 and during that time he only had one bad day that resulted in a frowny face on his folder.

He now spends his mornings begging me not to take him to school; he tells me his teachers think he is a bad boy. I don’t want to undermine the authority the teacher has over my son but I don’t want him to think he is a bad boy either. I try to support the classroom at home, telling my kids how important it is to listen and obey the teachers, finish work and all that jazz. I always make my children redo assignments that aren’t up to par whether they get credit for it or not and I give consequences or rewards at home for behavior that happens at school.

I am at a loss now though. How can a kindergartener hate school? I have never heard of such a thing. My daughter who is now a fifth grader loves school. My five-year tried to fake sick this morning too, so he could stay home knowing that if you are sick from school you spend the day in bed without video games.

I made an appointment to speak to the teacher and school counselor together for this afternoon because my notes and phones call to his teacher do not seem to be helping any of us. I have hope that this will work out.

Maybe it is just the moon, or maybe there is something more. I will ask for input: Is it normal for a five-year-old boy to hate school?

I started writing this post in response to today’s daily prompt but then it went off into what is really on my mind. I guess it will do.

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One response to “My son’s opposite behavior: Is it normal for a kindergartener to hate school?”

  1. roweboat55 says :

    Change his class to a different teacher.

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