Odes to my friends (Thanks for all the laughs)


Jen (me)

There once was a girl named Jen

She moved to the country to find her ZEN

She started a blog

And became an attention Hog

Jen is happier than she has ever been.



There is a girl named Col

She used to stick her head in a hole.

Frustrated and confused

Her life came into view

Now sunny and bright

She is filled with great advice

Nicole Now!




Tamara is blonde as a fairy

She has Beauty and spice

She seems to be all things nice

Except for at night

She will give you a fright

Who knew beauty could be so scary



Mark claimed he would never be tamed.

Wild and fun all rolled into one

His friends called him insane

He married a girl and Gave her a twirl

Now he is considered sane.



Randa has beauty and grace

Her life has been a giant race

To cross the finish line she must wait

Slow down, I always bait

But intensity is her style

I enjoy it all the while

I miss your pretty face!



The multi-task master

He can talk, work and play it all

He is always having a ball

He completes every task faster

Someone should call the plaster casters

(if you don’t know what a plaster caster is check out their website: http://www.cynthiaplastercaster.com/ Adults only please)



Beauty and sweet,

Sister and friend you can’t beat

Her heart is on her sleeve

She will never leave.



Intense and with out fail

Her heart can surely tell

She will listen and defend

Loyal and considerate to the end


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3 responses to “Odes to my friends (Thanks for all the laughs)”

  1. acuriousgal says :

    So cute…love these!!

  2. t h i n g s + f l e s h says :

    completely charming. tony

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