Just like beauty, success is in the eye of the beholder.

Just like beauty, success is in the eye of the beholder.


We all blog for different reasons and strive for different goals. I blog because I love to write, and the idea of my writings being enjoyed by others, flatters me. I also feel a weird connection to the blogs I follow. Sometimes I think that this website hosts all the ‘crazy’ writer people that are just like me. I am very grateful of that.


Some bloggers want to make writing their career and place great importance on the amount of followers, likes and awards they receive. This is not a bad thing. Blogging can be a stepping-stone to realizing dreams of writing as a career. This is an idea I like to ponder in wishful thinking. I do not have the skill or the time to devote to my writings that would result in a career. Kudos to those who do!


If I had to define the success of my blog, I would say it is very successful. Why? Because, it successfully gets me to write and publish something everyday. If I ever want to do anything with writing, I must practice. I used to write ‘when the mood stuck’ or when I was overly happy or overly sad. Now, I am writing everyday and even managing a post on days when I am not in the mood. This is successful to me. I do not have a lot of followers or likes but every follower and every like is noticed by me. Every comment is read and sometimes reread. I cherish the feedback and it drives me to continue. I think my blog is successful because it has brought positive influence to my life.

What makes yours successful?


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23 responses to “Just like beauty, success is in the eye of the beholder.”

  1. Juni Desireé says :

    Wonderful post, a delightful read. I love your philosophy.

  2. anupturnedsoul says :

    Beautifully said and expressed! Write on 😀

  3. roweboat55 says :

    Small pockets of joy, such as blogging, add up to a happier life. Your uniqueness expresses personal growth and lifelong learning. You have a consistent sense of tone, illustrating a purpose of communication and sharing your love of life. Keep blogging, you are not the only one that enjoys your writings.

  4. wonkafonka says :

    I feel very much the same about my blog: I do it for me, but hearing when other people enjoy it makes it even better. It’s such a fun, peculiar hobby. 🙂

  5. Margaret Haynes Meritt says :

    At the end of the day you are successful if you show up to share our thoughts blogging.

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