Best in Show: A Mommy Award

Best In Show: A Mommy Award


The best in show award goes out to all the moms out there who consistently sacrifice and conceal their wants and needs for the greater good of the family.


This award acknowledges and confirms that parenting is a hard job that is not for the faint of heart.  A mommy sometimes sacrifices hygiene, eating habits and general basic needs to ensure the rest of the family is presentable. The result is clean and pressed kids, a nicely dressed husband and a frazzled mess of a mother.


I will accept this award for the following scenarios:

  1. Why my hair is usually a mess:      Girl child, “Mom, I can’t find that white top with the sparkles on it. Can you?”  Mom, “We picked out your clothes last night, why are you wanting to change it.” Girl child, “ I don’t want to wear that anymore! I want the sparkle top!! I didn’t like the way I looked in the other outfit” Mom, “Fine, I will look for it (mother stops trying to wrangle her hair and ties it into her usual messy bun and goes finds top).


2. Why I never get to eat an actual breakfast: I cook breakfast before school. We all have eggs, toast and bacon on our plate. We start to sit down. Boy child,” Yummy mommy, I ate my entire bacon can I have yours? Mom, “ Yes dear. Girl child, “Mom I forgot I need you to sign a field trip form in my folder.” Mom gets up from the table gets form and signs it. Then sits back down. Girl child, “ Oh, I am out of lunch credit at school too.” Mom gets up and writes a check and places it inside the folder. Mom returns to the table to the boy finishing her eggs. Mom, “Um, were you hungry baby?” Boy child, ”Yes and the eggs were yummy. I thought you didn’t want yours because you were not at the table.”

3. Why my outfit has a weird/gross spot on it: I managed clean clothes this morning, I was so excited. I made through breakfast without spilling anything (mostly because I didn’t actually get to eat) we walk to the car to load up for school and my sweet awesome boy comes over and gives me an awesome wonderful hug! It turns out it wasn’t an actual hug it was I need a napkin and Mom is close so I will hug/smear my grossness all over her…

4. Why I don’t get to shower everyday: Ok you would think I could, I used too, but there never seems to be any time. Moms run around and solve everyone’s problems all day long. We ensure clean clothes; a clean house and that there are three meals a day for all. Then when we decide it is finally time to clean ourselves. We announce to the kids we are going to bath. They immediately give requests before you go after all are done you head to the bathroom. You close the door and hear tiny footsteps headed to the door. It’s the boy, “Can I sit in here and keep you company?” Mom, “No, I would like to shower alone please.” Boy, “Won’t you get lonely? I can make sure you won’t get lonely!” mom, no, I wont get lonely. Thank you. I am shutting the door and taking a shower now.” Boy, “Please don’t lock the door, I won’t feel safe if you can’t hear me.” Mom, “Fine, I will leave the door cracked but you need to return to the living room.” The boy returns to the living room and you begin to undress and turn on the water. Girl, “MOM!!! MOM!! The boy is bothering me!” Mom, “I am getting in the shower, you will have to wait. “ Loud yells, banging and laughing ensue. Mom hears the footsteps running to the bathroom, as she is about to actually get in the shower and BAM! The door flings open and the fight is in front of you. Towel wrapped around Mom she separates and mediates the fight. The water is turned off and she is walking through the house in a towel for thirty minutes. Husband comes home and sees mom in a towel, the kids a mess and just points and laughs.


I accept this award for best in show on a stage made from a large pile dirty laundry. I stand proud with my messy hair and gross smeared clothing. My tummy growls as I beam with pride! In my speech I announce that although, I might be a hot mess my family is happy and loved. I wouldn’t trade a minute of motherhood for the days when I could spend an hour just on my hair! In the end, I would like to thank my kids for giving me the best life a mother could ask for!


This post was written in response to today’s daily prompt:

Daily Prompt: I’d Like to Thank My Cats by michelle w. on August 27, 2013

You are receiving an award –- either one that already exists, or a new one created just for you. What would the award be, why are you being honored, and what would you say in your acceptance speech?


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