How a Mom can rationalize chocolate cake for breakfast!

How a pro can rationalize chocolate cake for breakfast!


A healthy self-image is hard to maintain when you have kids. They don’t mean to bash your self-esteem; they are actually paying you compliments. For example: “Mom I prefer to lay on you because Daddy’s belly is hard and yours is soft.” This is a compliment to them.

award cartoon

Here is my favorite example:


It’s a nice drawing isn’t it? My son gave this lovely art to me, beaming with pride. He said, “I made this for you! It is a picture of you!” I was so impressed. I examined it closely as I hung it up on the fridge and said, “Its beautiful! I love it. What is the circle? My dress?” He smiled proudly, “nope! That is your wonderful, squishy belly.”  I am also walking the blonde dog.  That is the leash, dog and dog bed.

It hangs on my refrigerator and I see it everyday. I think it helps me not eat crap I don’t need. The reality, is that it just helps me justify the non-healthy junk food I want. How you might ask? I can justify because I am faced with the ultimate conundrum: If my belly gets hard (like daddy’s) then I won’t get very much cuddle time. I can’t live without my cuddle time. Therefore, I have decided that a squishy belly is a good thing.


So that my friends is how I justified chocolate cake for breakfast.

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3 responses to “How a Mom can rationalize chocolate cake for breakfast!”

  1. acuriousgal says :

    So great, love it!!! My son likes my squishy belly too, chocolate cake for breakfast sounds great!!

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