The most awesome treat “Logan’s Fried Smores” (an easy no mess treat!)


This is the best! My son Logan told my awesome Dad one day (while eating chinese dumplings) that they should fill the dumplings with chocolate and marshmallows so that they would actually taste good. My dad took him seriously and made these awesome treats today. They were sooo good! I decided they were blog worthy! I am even thinking about setting up a booth at the next fair because they are that awesome. Its like a funnel cake filled with chocolate marshmallow goodness. Yummy! The best part is there is practically no mess during eating or cooking! Seriously, easy because I am lazy and I could do it.

Logan’s Fried Smores: Easy five minute (no mess) treat!


Won ton wraps from Wal-Mart (found in the oriental food or vegetable aisle)

IMG_2307 2

Chocolate Chips

Small Marshmallows

Lay one won ton wrap and wet the sides with your finger or a pastry brush. Fill the center with a few chocolate chips and a couple marshmallows.  Heat oil in a pan and drop the won ton in heated oil for ten seconds. Remove carefully and let stand one minute. Serve plain or with powdered sugar. Yummy!



IMG_2310 2




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