Community: What is your defining moment?

Community: What is your defining moment?


We all have lives that consume us every day. We all have important things that we deal with every day.

Personally, I am consumed with my children and trying to ensure the best possible future I can for them. Struggles with education, behavior and day-to-day trials tend to be the focus of my life.  I am an avid volunteer within the school system and extracurricular activities. I am a busy, involved, normal mother. I would dare to guess that most parents function similarly to my self. We spend our lives doing the most important job we could ever have: being a parent.


Amongst the clatter of life we deal with the function of life; Ensuring the basic necessities and as much extra as we can afford. Some of us parents work outside the home to give the functional aspect and some of us are lucky enough to stay home. The reality is that we all want the same thing: We want our children to have a successful future. Our definitions may vary on what that entails but a future is at the heart of all parental wants for their children.


Is the future an individualized thing? My immediate response would be of course it is. We make our own future and our success is dependent on the wiliness to work hard for it. This is a work ethic I was taught and something I hope to give to my children but lately I have been thinking that this is not entirely true.


We as individuals need a collective awareness that the future is dependent on us as a group as well. The big picture of government, society and the blah that is a reality today is not something I like to involve myself in very often.

The ‘normal’ American family (I use normal loosely because everyone is unique) works hard, plays hard and focuses primarily on the life that directly affects them. Yes, they vote and may discuss politics passionately with close friends and some even write their congressman when they feel strongly about a subject. We consider ourselves involved because we participate in the assigned functions of societal governments.


Are we really involved? Sometimes I want to be. I see the dysfunctional world that my kids will inherit and think something should change. I see that the American dream has been replaced by a fiscal nightmare. I see ‘normal’ hard working people struggle for food and some even lose their house.  The reality is there and I want to participate but it almost resembles bystander syndrome.


WE all see it and assume someone else will do something. It has to be someone’s job to fix it right? No? What!?

Then lets go a step further and pretend I was motivated to do something. What would a simple mother from Kentucky do? Nothing, I could do would make a difference. The reality is no ONE person can do anything. It needs a group. A united group, which is seeking true change.We can’t stop bickering about politics long enough to unite on anything so nothing will change. That sounds like a complaint but I can’t even truly pinpoint what I want changed specifically, or how I would want it done much less commit to any particular political cause.

I know that I look around at my small world and love everything about it but when my eye wonders to the bigger picture it strikes fear in my heart for the future.

I would much rather stay in my bubble where I focus on my life and my children’s life and not bother with the corrupt world beyond but unfortunately if I want a future bright and just for my children, I cannot stay silent or complacent anymore.


I would say that we as a group here in the United States of America need a defining moment. What will that moment be?

This post is in response to today’s daily prompt:

Community Service

Your entire community — however you define that; your hometown, your neighborhood, your family, your colleagues — is guaranteed to read your blog tomorrow. Write the post you’d like them all to see.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us COMMUNITY.

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8 responses to “Community: What is your defining moment?”

  1. crookedeyebrows says :

    Your story is so similar to ours in faraway India that I just kept thinking i was reading something about India …… just loved it. Yes we always think that what can we alone do but I think let us do whatever little we can do

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